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  • F**K You Putin Vegan Jerky 20g

    This is our message to Putin, blunt but heartfelt, the profits from this jerky are going to be sent to a medical team in Ukraine that a friend of ours is in touch with and goes over to help. The marinade is the Ukrainian national dish Borscht, beetroot, red cabbage, spices etc the jerky is gourmet mushrooms which are also…

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  • Welsh Black Garlic Paste 200g

    This is a delicious addition to any kitchen store cupboard, black garlic is fermented which makes it sweeter, more molassesy and not so harsh and is amazing with cheese boards, on its own, garlic butters, Aioli etc, its simply amazing with anything The Garlic was grown in West Wales on our friends organic small holding Golden Grove Organics and harvested…

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  • Spiced Pineapple and Coconut 40g

    We’ve sprinkled coconut and chilli flakes over diced pineapple and the airdried it to create a unique, occasionally spicy and always lovely treat

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  • Loaded With Pride Sweet Potato Jerky

    We’ve used the Loaded With Pride BBQ Sauce to marinate sweet potato to create a unique Mild BBQ Sauce jerky, its absolutely delicious

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  • Loaded With Pride BBQ Sauce 250ml

    This is a mild but flavoursome BBQ Sauce we make for a local burger bar called Loaded Burger and Fries, one of the best burger bars in Wales, they promote and run Pride events and we decided on this together for their house BBQ Sauce

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  • Coconut and Maple Syrup Crunch

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  • Greedy Pig Vegan Jerky

    This is another collaboration we’ve done with Chilli of the Valley, a mild BBQ sauce that gives a long lasting deep rich flavour

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  • Jamaican Jerk Tofu

    this is a delicious tofu jerky made with an authentic Jamaican Jerky Curry recipe, a long lasting deep flavour

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