Hellfire Bacon Jerky 30g

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This is 30g of sheer bacony hell in your mouth ! literally, nothing else needs saying, well, apart from its a BBQ HOT sauce but you probably wont taste much of anything except fiery pain !

3 reviews for Hellfire Bacon Jerky 30g

  1. Robert Turton

    Normally my girlfriends spice tolerance means it is only me crying. I am pleased to report we are both now in tears.
    Jerky tastes good though.

  2. S D

    Manages to stay flavourful while spicy! I’m Indian and have a high spice tolerance but this still managed to make me tear up!

  3. Alex

    Beef and bacon hot Jerky is brilliant if you like it hot, slow burn and happy warmth after. One for those that like anything hotter than a naga.

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