Death By Garlic Salt

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This is a blend of our foraged wild garlic, Fermented black garlic and white garlic with pepper we now put them in Kilner jars because they are easier to use and fully reusable

3 reviews for Death By Garlic Salt

  1. Gill Fraser Lee

    This is THE most delicious salt you will ever taste. It adds a gorgeous tasty flavour to any meal. My favourite is to rub some on the outside of a jacket potato, but I use in just about everything!

  2. Debbie Lough

    I bought it on a whim when I saw it on the stall.

    It’s honestly the best garic salt I’ve ever used – when I couldn’t make it to ARM, I had to despatch a friend for a resupply.

    I use it on everything. If you like garlic, buy it, you absolutely will not regret it.

  3. Jane-Louise Dippie

    Love this, but I struggle with the grinder that it originally came in. Quite a workout but worth it for the taste. No vampires will come within a mile of you! REALLY good to see the new design jars which can also be reused and recycled. Bad news for my friends who aren’t keen on garlic as I can now put it in using a ladle instead of a sprinkle. Highly recommended stuff for any chef!

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